Vodafone Chhota Credit

Vodafone has recently launched Chhota Credit, a service which helps users to get a credit of Rs.10. Users can use this service when their balance is low and there is no recharge outlet at hand. The credit can be availed by sending CREDIT to 144 (toll free). The amount would be adjusted in the next recharge you make. The amount taken would be Rs.11, the extra rupee being charged for the service.

  • The subscribers balance should be less than Rs. 5
  • The credit would be available till 7 days
  • Service only for Vodafone users who have completed 3 months with the operator
  • User’s balance validity must be more than 7 days

The above were the conditions for the service that one may not be aware of.

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  1. says

    @ Amit,

    The above news is absolutely true, I guess you havent seen the TV commercial.

    Vodafone prepaid users can use this service of Chota Credit in case they do not have enough balance.

    Vodafone has mentioned nothing about the number of times we can use this service, one would have to try to know the limit.

    I think if you have used it once, you need to wait for seven days till the validity expires to use it again.

  2. Asmita says

    Hi friends,for using Vodafone Chota Credit service again you should not have subscribed to this service within last 48 hrs.

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