SMS Packs in Airtel Prepaid

This piece of news would surely excite all SMS junkies like me. If you’ll are aware then Airtel has been offering their promotional SMS pack of 2000 message for 49 bucks and at other prices. Unfortunately, this scheme was offered to select prepaid numbers.

But today talking to the customer executive, he said that a normal recharge of different denominations would give me a SMS pack albeit it would be expensive than the promotional packs. Right now, the available options are of Rs. 11 giving 25 messages with 7 days of validity, Rs. 48 with 150 messages or Rs. 102 with 500 messages both coming with a month’s validity.

To avail any of these SMS packs just ask your local Airtel dealer to E-recharge your account with any of the above denominations and the SMS pack would be activated.


  1. says

    I’m from Mumbai, however, got my number from Pune, where I study, hence the Maharashtra circle.

    Hunting for SMS packs out there.

  2. Harshad says

    You could have used the same Mumbai number in Pune. Unofficially, Airtel has made Maharashtra a home tariff zone for Mumbai subscribers and vice versa.

  3. Dion says

    Airtel offers local mumbai rates in mah & goa.
    Note: special schemes like sms n cal offer wil not be valid in mah. Regular cal tariffs wil be charged

  4. Prashant says

    any sms pack scheme (for national sms Airtel to Airtel)
    for maharahstra Airtel prepaid number
    i m waiting for the response

  5. nupur says

    i want to know if there is any message scheme that could reduce or could give free std message facility…….

  6. shekhar says

    is there any scheme is available for lifetime prepaid customer ( airtel to Airtel 10 paise and other 30 paise local) one of the airtel customer exceutive is bumped in and offering the same. Is this scheme is valid one?

  7. kanika says

    i want to know whether d msg pack can b recharged from my own mobile by sending some msg on any of ur airtel number and rupees are deducted from my balance in mobile

  8. vivek says

    i could not find a plan which could give a offer of 100 sms free per day.can any one sugggest me which card to buy which give me this fecility without rental.

  9. aditi says

    hi! i am from himachal.
    i want some local sms pack that provides around 500-600 msgs/month……… do u have any information about any such plan. or any plan for local messages getting free.

  10. Alex says

    is it any sms pack for free STD sms.! is it airtel to airtel or airtel to ather network.????
    any one can give me information about it….!!!!!

  11. wicked angel says

    hey can u pls tell me is thr ne scheme for national sms… i stay @ hyd n per msg cost me 1.50

  12. sandeep says

    is it any sms pack for free STD sms.! is it Idea to Idea or airtel other network.????
    any one can give me information about it….!!!!!


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